About Us

Our Mission

Inala Community House (ICH) is a non-profit, non-government organisation providing various services and activities to strengthen the living quality of individuals, families, and communities in Inala and surrounding areas of Queensland.

How We Started

On 15th October 1966, ICH was first established due to concerns over the life and development of families within the Inala community.

Today, ICH stands as an open place for all members of the community regardless of class, colour or creed. We aim to initiate new ideas, adapt to changing needs, and continue to support our people.

Ongoing Commitment

We cherish our individuals, families and communities; and pledge to help create a safe, inviting and nourishing environment for everyone to enjoy.

Board of Directors

For 2017 – 2018

Inala Community House gratefully acknowledges the dedication of our Board of Directors in leading our organisation to meet diverse community needs.

President – Janet Cullen

Vice President – Jerome Nyandwi

Secretary – Irene Clarke

Treasurer – Ann Bailey

Commitee Member – Carmel McIntosh

Managing Director – Ross Paul

From left to right – Back Row: Jerome Nyandwi, Janet Cullen, Ross Paul
Front Row: Carmel McIntosh, Ann Bailey, Irene Clarke

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